8mm Swarovski Crystal 2493 Chessboard Flat Back

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Swarovski Crystal 2493 Chessboard Flat Back
  • Size: 8mm 
  • Colors: Crystal, Black Diamond, Jet, Crystal Ab
 Swarovski 1122

* With its clean, geometric square shape and slightly rounded edges, the Chessboard Flat Back features one of Swarovski's classic, brilliant cuts. Its interplay of perfectly aligned facets breaks up light into all its spectral elements, creating extraordinary kaleidoscopic effects with an elegant yet mystical look. Combine different colors and sizes (including a recently added over-sized version) to create contemporary, elegant designs that have a sophisticated sparkle from every angle. The Chessboard Flat Back can be glued to a variety of materials, including wood, glass, and plastic, and is therefore popular in several segments, such as interiors, electronics, DIY, and accessories.

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