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Jewel Setter by Set (2 PCS), BSM-PC15
Jewel Setter
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Jewel Setter by Set (2 PCS), BSM-PC15

Part Number: BSM-PC15
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Price starting at: $ 2.25/ SET (2 PCS)
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Jewel Setter
  • Easy grip and sticky ends allow you to pick up and place jewels quickly and easily.
  • Size : Approx. 5" Long
  • Quantity: 1 SET (2 PCS)
At last a fumble-free way to pick up and position beads & flat back jewels! This wonderfully handy tool is truly perfect for use with beads, especially if you're creating inlay bead projects. Among other things, it's also great for positioning beads, flat backs and stickers on scrapbook pages.

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